e-Commerce Handling


Global Air & ocean can seamlessly handle your AustraliaWide Inbound (and outbound) ecommerce requirements. Utilising our in-house reporting, customs bonded sorting/handling facilities, located in all Australian Gateways.

GAO can scan directly into our (local) customers systems (post reporting permitting), with SAC (informal customs) entries and clearance process completed by our (local) customers, OR we can handle the full arrival, reporting & clearance/delivery process for the overseas e-tail or logistics customer.

Our own integrated customs reporting & scanning software enables us to seamlessly handle shipments without the use of 3rd parties.

Process (simplified version).

Pre-shipment arrival
* Data file received by GAO in csv or xml format.
* GAO upload file, and send clearance data to Australian Customs / Borderforce.
* data file/clearances are returned to GAO electronically.

Post shipment arrival- Same Day
* Shipment collected and UB to Global Air and Ocean Bonded Warehouse.
* Shipment stripped down and scanned from ULD’s, Pallets, cartons to individual shipments.
* Daily collection by Final Mile Delivery Service (Post, Startrack or designated provider).